LAS VEGAS, NV, USA – The World Trade Centers Association is pleased to announce the results of the 2017 election of its Board of Directors.

Asia Pacific Region (6)
Mr. Vijay Kalantri (WTC Mumbai)
Ms. Catherine Lee (WTC Nanjing)
Mr. Balaram Menon (WTC Bengaluru)
Ms. Jiuling Xiong (WTC Beijing)
Mr. Jianrong Yang (WTC Shanghai, newly elected)
Mr. Walter Yeh (WTC Taipei, newly elected)

Europe Region (8)
Mr. Rustu Argit (WTC Istanbul)
Mr. Rolf Draak (WTC Nice/Sophia Antipolis, re-elected)
Mr. Mehran Eftekhar (WTC Cyprus, re-elected)
Ms. Andrea Garwood (WTC Trieste, newly elected)
Mr. Christiaan Huijg (WTC Amsterdam, newly elected)
Mr. Didier Kling (WTC Paris, newly elected)
Mr. Emmanuel Thaunier (WTC Rennes-Bretagne)
Mr. Gerard Vaandrager (WTC The Hague)

Latin America Region (3)
Mr. Pedro Pablo Alamos (WTC Santiago, newly elected)
Mr. Luciano Menezes (WTC Sao Paulo)
Mr. Remy Swaab (WTC Panama)

North America Region (5)
Mr. Scott Center (WTC Savannah, newly elected)
Mr. Lew Cramer (WTC Utah, re-elected)
Mr. John Drew (WTC Boston)
Ms. Charlotte Gallogly (WTC Miami, re-elected)
Ms. Mariette Mulaire (WTC Winnipeg)

Middle East and Africa Region (2)
Mr. Ghazi Abu Nahl (WTC Doha, re-elected)
Mr. Togbe Afede XIV (WTC Accra)

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