Telecommunication and IT services

There is a comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure built in WTC Helsinki and Airport premises. Tenants can acquire confidently cost-effective Internet-connection together with needed local area network connections and services.

There is also available planning and implementation services when moving or building IT and telecom infrastructure to new premises.

ITaito Oy is responsible of the Telecommunication and IT Services in WTC Helsinki and Airport.

Marko Nyroos +358 10 841 8101
Rahil Bedretdin +358 10 841 8103
Tuomo Niemi +358 10 841 8104    (Telephone solutions)
Vesa Korkiamäki +358 10 841 8106    (Deliveries and maintenance)




Service requests:
HelpDesk: or T. +358 100 84880

Services for tenants:

•    Comprehensive telecommunication solution
–    Internet -connection
–    Local area network equipment and connections
–    Wireless local area network
–    Telecommunication security services
•    External and in-house connections are all based on fiber-optics
•    Available cost-effective and high quality telecommunication and internet-connections
•    High capacity connections up to 1 Gbits

Wireless local area network available
•    Free wireless network available for tenants and guests covering meeting rooms and lobbies
•    Wireless network is extendable to cover tenants own premises

IT services available
•    Delivery, installation and maintenance services for PC´s and servers
•    PC and server backup and recovery services
•    email, calendar and file server services

Telephony solutions
•    Telephone switch solutions and mobile subscriptions