When choosing corporate premises, it’s become common to say that the three most important criteria are location, location, location. The World Trade Center Helsinki Airport meets these criteria extremely well. Its location is second to none, any way you look at it.

If you consider its location on a European scale, you’ll notice that it is situated beneath safe, uncrowded skies in a place from which you can easily fly to the rapidly growing financial centres of Asia.

If you look at the WTC Helsinki Airport site within Finland, you will see that it is situated in the bustling Greater Helsinki area, with excellent connections to domestic and international locations.

And if you consider the WTC’s location within Greater Helsinki, you’ll notice its outstanding logistical position. In the era of modern logistics, kilometres mean little – “access” is key, and we’ve got it here.

Not just close to the airport – we’re right in the middle of it

If you consider the location of the WTC in the Aviapolis airport city, you will notice that it is right in the centre. Not merely “a stone’s throw away”, “a few stops away” or “in the immediate vicinity” – it’s right there.

Come to work by car, plane – or train

Besides being an award-winning airport, Helsinki Airport is also home to the second-largest bus station in Finland.
In a few years’ time, there will also be a railway station underneath the airport: the Ring Rail Line will connect two mainline rail routes and create a new railway station just steps away from the WTC Helsinki Airport.

If you arrive at your office by car, you can choose from thousands of parking spaces. The most convenient place to park is just opposite your office, over the road. The P5 multi-storey car park is right there for you.

Address: World Trade Center Helsinki Airport, Lentäjäntie 3, 01530 Vantaa, Finland.
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