Technical maintenance by Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka

Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka  is specialized in servicing and maintaining the technical systems of WTC Helsinki Airport building. It provides agreed technical building services.

Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka implements repair and modification work on technical building systems with minimal disturbance to building users and basic functions. Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka takes care of maintaining the heating, water, ventilation and electrical systems of WTC Helsinki Airport building.

The round-the-clock Help Desk of Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka ensures swift assistance in situations requiring urgent action. Details of any problems are received immediately and the expert servicing team is despatched without delay.

Help Desk/Lemminkäinen Talotekniikka
T. +358 20 715 2500

Managing Director
Antti Ala-Heikkilä, LAK – Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oyj
T. +358 20 708 3992